Ayame, Sara and Juri Rokujou
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Voiced by (Japanese)

Satomi Moriya (Ayame)
Momoko Ishikawa (Sara)
Sayuri Yahagi (Juri)

Voiced by (English)

Melissa Davis (Ayame)
Hilary Haag (Sara)
Kristin Sutton (Juri)

Ayame Rokujō (六条 菖蒲, Rokujō Ayame?), Sara Rokujō (六条 沙羅, Rokujō Sara?), and Juri Rokujō (六条 樹里, Rokujō Juri?) are three sisters who are all equally ranked the seventh-highest maids of the Nogizaka family. They are in charge of being chauffeurs to the family. The eldest sister Ayame flies an eight-passenger airplane, which is comfortable to ride. Sara, the middle sister, is very speedy when flying her plane, or driving her limousine, or her stealth fighter plane. Juri, the youngest sister, also flying a plane.