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Connelly Sutherland (コネリーサザーランド Connelly Sutherland) is the head member of the Sutherland family and the father of Shuute. Unlike his son, Connelly looks up to common people and respects them.

Plot/Story Edit

Connelly attends Haruka's seventeenth birthday party along with his son and his son's lackeys. During the party, after Yuuto presents his gift to Haruka and Shuute asking Yuuto why someone like him is on good terms with the Nogizaka elders, Connelly appears to his son asking him what's wrong and Shuute lies to him saying how Yuuto insulted him and came between him and Haruka. While almost being enraged on Yuuto, Connelly is halted by an older man who reveals the truth while Shuute grabs the older man by the collar finding him dirty not knowing who he was. In horror, Connelly realizes that the old man is Ouki Nogizaka, the previous head of the Nogizaka family, Haruka's grandfather, and the most powerful man present. He punches his son for his disrespect to Ouki and forces Shuute to kneel down and apologize to both him and Yuuto. Connelly carries Shuute out in anger telling him to keep his mouth shut as he, his son, and his son's lackeys take their leave.

In the series purezza, Connelly orders his son to work as a butler and be re-educated to teach him the value of humility. At the Year-End Maid and Butler Convention, Connelly over hears Shuute's lack of civility over a cell phone realizing that his son failed to understand the feelings of others and is upset with him. Connelly apologizes to the assembled servants who were all insulted by Shuute and gives them permission to mete out suitable chastisement to his son (grave punishment) then excuses himself hanging up the phone.