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Mika Nogizaka


乃木坂 美夏 Nogizaka Mika




Blood Type







147 cm


70 - 52 - 71

Voiced by

Mai Goto

Mika Nogizaka (乃木坂 美夏, Nogizaka Mika) is Haruka's younger sister in her second year of junior high school. Her hobbies include playing the violin, playing squash, caring for wild pigs, and spying on her sister and Yūto. She has a personality that is exactly opposite her sister, who is naïve. She enjoys Yūto's company and she often calls him "Onii-san" (an affectionate word meaning brother, brother-in-law, or a brother-like male figure). When Haruka is with Yūto, however, Mika likes to tease them. In contrast to her airhead older sister, Mika is very stable. Even at her young age, she is more knowledgeable about sex than Haruka, although she will get shocked or stunned mentally if exposed to H-rated material just like her sister even though she is a very dirty minded girl. She shows some interest in Yūto after their date. She is deathly afraid of ghosts. She has been running for the student council president of her all girl school for two consecutive years. She is just as much as an idol as her sister at school and is known by the name "Moonlight Strawberry".

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