Nobunaga Asakura
Nobunaga Asakura


朝倉 信長 Nobunaga Asakura

High School

Hakujō Academy



Blood Type







163 cm



Voiced by

Reiko Takagi

Nobunaga Asakura (朝倉 信長, Asakura Nobunaga) is a childhood friend of Yūto who attends the same private high school, though is in the class next to his. He has a cheerful and openhearted personality, gets very good grades, and is considered a bishōnen by the female students. However, he is a hardcore otaku and is familiar with the layout of Akihabara. He is extremely famous in various places in Akihabara. Due to his enormous amount of purchases, he is known as "Kaiser" at the Animate store, and is one of three people who possesses the golden Animate card. At a maid café where Haruka once worked part time called "@Home ~Café", there is a picture of him shaking hands with the manager of the café, framed in gold with the caption "Welcome home, our greatest master" hung in the center of the café. 


  • Nobunaga's family, the Asakura clan, was one of the many clans seeking to dominate Japan during the Sengoku period.  It is also ironic, since he seems to be named after one of his family's enemies, Oda Nobunaga (1534 - 1582), the Daimyo of Owari who started the unification of Japan.
  • Nobunaga, Yūto and Yukari-sensei also make appearances in Shaa's other manga series "Kyōhaku Dog's".

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