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Shiina Amamiya
Shiina Amamiya


天宮 椎菜 Shiina Amamiya

High School

Hakujō Academy



Blood Type







160 cm


80 - 56 - 82

Voiced by

Rina Satō

Shiina Amamiya (天宮 椎菜, Amamiya Shiina) is a girl who participated in the London Piano Contest with Haruka; Shiina ranked second before Haruka who ranked first. She transfers into Yūto's class at school. Her hobbies include playing the piano and the martial art of naginatajutsu. She always has a positive, cheerful and sociable personality. This makes her transition as a transfer student very easy. She used to live in Otaru, Hokkaidō, Japan, though does not speak much of those days. She shows an interest for Yūto as she believes there might be a reason they constantly bump into each other. She said one of the reason she chose Yūto's school to transfer to is because of a famous teacher who graduated from the school and is known as the "Performer of the Sunset" is teaching at the school.

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