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Shuute Sutherland (シュート サザーランド Shuuto Sasaarando) is a member and the successor to the Sutherland family. He is an arrogant young man who, unlike his father, looks down upon common people and thinks only highly of himself acting supreme and powerful above all others which leads him getting into trouble. He becomes Yuuto's enemy due to his jealousy of Haruka liking and being with Yuuto over him.

Plot/Story Edit

Shuute along with his father and lackeys attends Haruka's seventeenth birthday party which is being held on an island in a castle. At the beach, Shuute with his lackeys are on a boat little ways far out on sea watching Haruka and Yuuto having fun together making Shuute annoyed claiming that Haruka is his. Before getting ready for the party, Shuute confronts Yuuto and belittles him by showing his multimillionaire gifts believing that his gifts will make Haruka happier than Yuuto's gift which causes Yuuto to be concern about both his gift for Haruka and his lack of social status. Shuute tells Yuuto that he should depart quietly believing that Yuuto was foolish to come laughing aloud. During the party, Shuute bullies Yuuto for not taking his warnings seriously and sees the Clumsy Aki-chan newest pose doll that Yuuto got for Haruka finding it cheap and tasteless telling Yuuto that it doesn't suit her at all. Shuute repeats himself to Yuuto saying that a commoner like him shouldn't be in the castle telling him to just leave to which Yuuto almost does. As Shuute was about to present his gifts to Haruka, he is interrupted by Yuuto (who is before Shuute in order list to presenting the gifts). Shuute tries to get Yuuto to leave once more but is ignored as Yuuto presents his gift to Haruka. Shuute is shocked to see how Yuuto's gift makes Haruka the happiest, especially considering how little it costs compared to his lavish gifts. Seeing how Yuuto is being welcomed by Haruka's parents, Shuute becomes jealous and demands to know why the Nogizaka elders are treating Yuuto with kind respect. When Shuute's father appears to him, he lies by saying that Yuuto insulted him and came between him and Haruka but was stopped by an older man. Shuute manhandles the old man and reprimands him for his disrespect. However, Shuute pays for his insolence when the old man is revealed to be Haruka's retired grandfather, Oki Nogizaka as well known as the most powerful person present and his own father punches him and forces him to publicly apologize to both Haruka's grandfather and Yuuto in front of the distinguished crowd before taking their leave.

In the series purezza, Shuute is ordered by his father to work as a butler and to be re-educated for a while as a lesson in humility. At the Year-End Maid and Butler Convention Party hosted by the Nogizaka family's Maid Team, Shuute and his lackeys appear and confronts Yuuto once again, although Yuuto seemed to not remember him. When having Shuute's suit accidentally dirtied by Alice, he shouts at her, pushes her down, and steps on the gift Yuuto gave her that he won for her in the bingo contest. Shuute goes on to insult all the butlers and maids at the party, stating that they are inferior beings. To everyone's surprise, Yuuto stands up to Shuute and endures the humiliation of having a bottle of wine poured over his head in place of Alice. However, Yuuto's kind words and his treatment at the hands of Shuute inspire the Nogizaka maids to deal with him. Matters turn worse for Shuute and his lackeys when Shuute's father, who has heard his son's lack of civility over a cell phone, apologizes to the assembled servants and gives them permission to give Shuute a grave punishment. After his punishment, Shuute and his lackeys are forced to leave.


Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Shuute may be German due to his frequent use of the word "Fraulein" (German for "Miss") when referring to Haruka.
  • Shuute looks and resembles that of "Takashi Ogasawara", a third year and boorish student at Hakujo Academy who appears in Episode 3 that has the same face and hair style but different hair and skin color between the two characters.
  • In the manga, Shuute's role is that of a common person by having his last name changed from "Sutherland" to "Sasaoka" and appears to be a third year student at Hakujo Academy, captain of the basketball team and confirmed to be a "Skirtchaser".