Yayoi Kayahara and Nozomi Kobayakawa
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Yayoi Kayahara (茅原 弥生 Kayahara Yayoi) and Nozomi Kobayakawa (小早川 のぞみ Kobayakawa Nozomi) are managers and the organizers of an idol audition that Haruka was asked to participate in.

Plot/Story Edit

In the Purezza, Yayoi and Nozomi meet Yuuto and Haruka at an amusement park. They get Yuuto and Haruka to take a photo shot as a couple and are able to take a picture at the moment of Haruka's smile which only happens when she's with Yuuto which seems to bug them. Sometimes after, Haruka later receives a letter by them saying that she passed the audition for future models. Haruka agrees to participate in the audition as a stand-in when Yayoi and Nozomi claim she was chosen by mistake and also telling Yuuto not to interfere with Haruka's audition. Later that night, Yuuto overhears Yayoi and Nozomi while they are poring over Haruka's photographs. It becomes clear to him that the talent agency actually wants Haruka to become an idol. Yayoi and Nozomi demand Yuuto to distance himself from Haruka, telling him that he is in the way and Haruka has agreed to this for her sake which Yuuto as agreed leaving him depressed. While Yayoi and Nozomi continue to make Haruka their idol leaving Yuuto out of their way, the Nogizaka maids investigate and discover that Haruka is unaware of her managers' plan of turning her into an idol, meaning that Yayoi and Nozomi were lying wanting Haruka to become an idol by any means necessary knowing that the "idol audition" and the related processes was all fake, a ploy to draw Haruka in. At the idol audition, Yayoi's and Nozomi's scheme were exposed and they try desperately to stop Yuuto from interfering. Fortunately for Yuuto, the Maid Team along with Akiho, Gentou and Mika arrive to help get the upper hand against them as the two women were about to announce Haruka being the winner. The final blow comes when Yayoi and Nozomi are forced out of their own talent agency losing their position as managers since Haruka's father has bought it and all associated material in a hostile takeover. After their defeat, Yayoi and Nozomi are in a mud wrestling contest on TV humiliated. While being watched on TV, both Akiho and Gentou agree that the two are much better at doing mud wrestling than being managers.